Groups – Eat Well and Stay Comfortably

Are you a larger group who have planned to eat with us? For a fast and smooth service, you can pre-order coffee/food. Order a maximum of three different options from the menu below for extra good prices and set tables already upon arrival. Tour guide and driver choose freely from our à la carte menu. If you do not want to pre-order, it is still good if you call us before you come so that we can prepare for a larger party.

Are you a large group that not only wants to eat but also stay overnight? We offer hotel rooms with free access to wifi and really good prices for accommodation and half board when you book rooms for larger groups. Call or email us and we will prepare a quote for your group. We offer bus drivers extra good prices if they choose to stay with the company.

Do you drive the bus? We have extra good prices on rooms for bus drivers who want to stay overnight.

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Group Menu

Book two days in advance, applies to parties larger than 15 people. Bread, salad and coffee are included.

Coffee & Cinnamon bun or Danish


SEK 49

Coffee and ham & cheese roll


SEK 60

Coffee & Shrimp Sandwich


SEK 149

Vätterleden's Schnitzel

Homemade béarnaise, capers, lemon, fried potatoes

SEK 169

Roast Chicken

Swedish chicken fillet, balsamic sauce, herb-fried potatoes, fried vegetables

SEK 159

Oven Baked Salmon

Stenbits rum sauce, boiled potatoes, warm vegetables

SEK 159

"Isterband" from Småland

"Sausage", dill stewed potatoes, beetroot, mustard

SEK 139

Breaded veal pan steak

"Wallenbergare", mashed potatoes, clarified butter, green peas, lingonberries

SEK 139

Homemade Pan Steak

Onions, cream sauce, lingonberries, boiled potatoes

SEK 129

Creamy Chicken Stew

Rice or pasta, Swedish chicken, tomato, basil

SEK 129

Breaded Hoki (White Fish Fillet)

Remoulade sauce, lemon, warm vegetables, boiled potatoes

SEK 119


Cream sauce, lingonberry jam, boiled potatoes

SEK 119

Vätterleden's Lentil Stew (V)

Pasta, potatoes, crème fraiche (V)

SEK 119

Pasta Bolognese

(beef) Served with grated cheese

SEK 119

Find Us

It is easy to find Hotel Vätterleden. We are located along the E4 between Jönköping and Gränna. You are welcome to book a room or come in to eat.